Dear Business Associate,

PlZ follow below instructions strictly:-

1. Notepad : please maintain notepad correctly. like blank page number (software page number) , same page (software page number) , problem like (you have to sent page to QC before writing in notepad)

2. CD not installing in Sequence wise :  Company will not be accept CD if we have not send the CD in Sequence wise.  They are facing issue in submit the data and time is expiring.

3.  CD Installation with actual time : We are installing CD back date or forward date which are not acceptable. Company is not able to create password to open the CD. Please provide correct information otherwise CD will tempered with proof.

4.  Cut/ Paste Data : Don't copy data from other source (Like NotE pad, word, word pad) and paste in software. CD will be tempered if it is note open due to above said issue.

5. CD install Date : While installing new book/CD plEASE make sure mark a mail to Company without fail else your CD will not accepted by QC department.  

                             You have been informed that for some time, we have been feeling that something is going wrong with the software which is wrong, if we catch such a speed method/tampering software, then your contract will be terminated. You all are requested to complete the work correctly without changing anything in the software given to you.